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In Dalvík you have an exceptionally good chance to encounter the great humpback whale and often we spot white-beaked dolphins, minke whales and sometimes even the majestic blue whale. Overall we have seen whales or dolphins in 98% of our whale watching tours.

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Experience and get close to the incredible humpback whales of the Eyjafjord, starting from the capital of North Iceland, Akureyri. With only 12 passengers on each boat, we can guarantee an adventure of a lifetime on an intimate whale watching tour.

kr. 11,990

Here is your chance to see the incredible Eyjafjord Humpbacks in their natural habitat. The warmth of the summer sun brings vibrant life and plentitude of food to the fjord and following it, in a feeding frenzy, come the larger-than-life Humpbacks.

kr. 11,990

The mystical midnight sun and the nature of the bay provide a unique wildlife experience. To make the tour even more enjoyable and memorable, we often shut down the boat engines to enjoy the soothing sound of the water, the whales, and the birds.

kr. 11,990

This is the time when the Minke whales are at their most abundant, along with White-beaked dolphins, Harbour porpoises, and the occasional Humpback whales, giving us the chance to enjoy and understand them in their natural environment

kr. 11,990

A whale watching tour on board a traditional Icelandic schooner which enhances the overall experience. A nice opportunity to enjoy the wild nature while getting to know old ways of sailing and discovering the sailor in you.  

kr. 11,300

Húsavík Whale Watching tour.Discover the magnificent nature of Skjalfandi bay observing whales, dolphins, and seabirds in their natural habitat.Enjoy the smooth, safe sailing of a traditional Icelandic oak boat. and treat yourself to a cup of hot cocoa and a cinnamon bun

kr. 7,300

It is really high chance to see Humpback whales in the summer and a lot of them. They are “all over” the fjord of Steingrímsfjörður. We also regularly see Minke whales, dolphins and harbor porpoises. If the luck is with us we can see Sperm whale, Pilot whale, Orca or/and Blue whale.

Popular bird and sea angling tours

kr. 11,990

Whale Watching tour that has built a reputation for the town of Húsavík as the capital of whale watching in Iceland.Discover the magnificent nature of Skjalfandi bay observing whales, dolphins, and seabirds in their natural habitat.Enjoy the smooth, safe sailing of a traditional Icelandic oak boat with a cup of hot cocoa and a cinnamon bun

kr. 15,900

Experience the exciting feeling of catching your own meal out on Skjálfandi Bay. The distance to the rich fishing grounds is very short. At the end of the trip, the captain can fillet your catch, which will probably be cod or haddock. You can take it with you for your own cooking or upon request, have it prepared in a local restaurant for a reasonable price.

kr. 12,000

We offer a fun-filled sea adventure in the Breiðarfjörður Bay on a traditional oak schooner. We sail out of Grundarfjörður and then get up close to the protected island of Melrakkaey – a veritable haven for seabirds and great for birdwatching.As we head back to port, you get a chance to try your hand at sea-angling which is a lot of fun, especially when you hook a big one!

kr. 19,990

With our speedboats, we can offer our passengers more area to cover in search for the gentle giants. A RIB is faster than the wind and makes it, therefore, more likely for us to find the big whales. Normally we do not have to leave our bay to look for whales of any kind, but on this tour, we focus on finding the bigger ones – further out.

kr. 24,900

Have you ever wanted to cross the Arctic circle? Well, this is your chance! You will sail over to Grimsey island where you will be able to cross over the arctic circle and experience local culture. The Island is rich in bird life with an abundance of puffins every summer.

kr. 14,900

This tour is a must do for first timers and experienced fishermen alike. Just breathing in the fresh air, being out in the open ocean and catching your first fish of the day make this an experience you'll never forget.

kr. 9,900

The summer is the best time to experience the birds and wildlife of the bay and islands just outside Reykjavík City. Puffins, auks, gannets and an incredible variety of other seabirds

kr. 6,500

The tour is a fun and easy adventure on a boat. A guide will meet you on board one of our smaller boats, which are docked at the floating pier in front of the Whale Watching Centre.

kr. 21,990

Search for the wildlife and explore season the adventure of a lifetime on our express, small groups whale watching tour. Our specially engineered RIB boats get you closer and faster to the whales and puffins than our bigger boats.